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Tagging EBS Snapshots with New AMI Images

Tags are an important part of Amazon Web Services. Tagging resources allows you to perform many administrative functions:

  • Perform cost allocation
  • Organize, search, and filter resources
  • Restrict security

Tagging resources is so important that Amazon has created a dedicated resource tag editor built into the AWS Management Console.


New D2 Instance Types Supported

Today, Amazon announced a new dense storage instance type: D2. These new instance types are designed for processing large data sets. More information about the new instance types can be found here:

Skeddly also supports this new instance type. So you can use Skeddly to change your existing EC2 instances to the new D2 instance type, or you can launch new EC2 instances using the new type.

Export EC2 Instances Action

If your Amazon EC2 instance was imported from an external virtual machine environment, AWS provides the ability to export your EC2 instances back out to other virtual machine environments such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Information about this feature can be found at VM Import/Export.

Today, we’re happy to announce a new scheduled action: Export EC2 Instances. Using this new action, you can export your EC2 instances (assuming they were previously imported) to virtual machines images such as Citrix VHD, Microsoft VHD, and VMware VMDK and OVA.


Backup Multiple Route 53 Hosted Zones

Amazon Route 53 is a DNS web service for serving domain name lookups. Each domain is configured as a “Hosted Zone” in which you configure the various subdomains. In addition, Route 53 has features such as health checks and geo location results.

Today we have made available a new action: Backup Multiple Route 53 Hosted Zones.


Reboot RDS Instances Action

Today we are happy to announce a new action for your RDS instances: Reboot RDS Instance. Using this new action, you can reboot your RDS instances on a scheduled basis.


Rolling Instance Stops

Today, we are making available a new option to our “Backup Multiple EC2 Instances” action: Rolling Instance Stops.

Skeddly’s “Backup Multiple EC2 Instances” action is a powerful tool for creating EBS snapshots of your EC2 instances. It can discover your instances automatically, create the snapshots, tag them, and copy them to another region.


Copy S3 Objects Action Added

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is virtually unlimited internet-based storage. Files (or Objects in S3 terminology) are stored in buckets. Think of buckets like file servers or file drives. More information about Amazon S3 can be found at

Today, we are making available a new action for Amazon S3: Copy S3 Objects. This new action will allow you to copy objects (files) from one S3 bucket to another. Those buckets can be in the same region, or they can be in different regions. For example, you can copy objects from US East 1 (Virginia) to US West 2 (Oregon).


Reboot ElastiCache Clusters Action Added

Today we are expanding our set of actions for ElastiCache clusters. We have added an action called “Reboot ElastiCache Clusters”. Using this new action, you can reboot one or more of your ElastiCache clusters. They can be rebooted on a schedule, manually, or in response to an SNS notification such as a CloudWatch alert.

This new action is available now. Pricing for this action can be found on our pricing page.

New C4 Instance Types Supported

Today, Amazon announces the immediate availability of the new C4 compute-optimized instance type. This new instance type is the highest-performing, compute-based instance type in the EC2 family.

Based on today’s information, it is about $0.01 more expensive than the C3 compute-optimized instance types, but they appear to be EBS-only. So that means that there are no on-board instance storage available (yet).


Start SWF Workflow Execution Action Added

Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve added our first Simple Workflow Service (SWF) action: Start SWF Workflow Execution.

Amazon Simple Workflow is a service designed to coordinate workflows made up of discrete tasks.


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