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Copy RDS Snapshots Between AWS Accounts

Amazon announced the ability to share and copy RDS snapshots between AWS accounts. More information about the announcement can be seen here:

Copying your RDS snapshots can be a valuable tool:

  • Make an extra copy of your data in another account to prevent complete data loss in the event of an account breach, as happened to Code Spaces.
  • Copy your production data to a development account

We have added support for RDS snapshot sharing to Skeddly actions:

  • Create RDS Snapshots - Once the RDS snapshot has been completed, it can be copied to another region and/or to another AWS account
  • Copy RDS Snapshots - Copy your RDS snapshots between regions and/or between accounts

Try It Today

Backup your RDS instances with a complete snapshot workflow:

  1. Discover your RDS instances to backup
  2. Create the RDS snapshots
  3. Tag the RDS snapshots for cost allocation and cataloging
  4. Copy the RDS snapshots to other regions and accounts for disaster recovery
  5. Delete old RDS snapshots

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