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Terminate EC2 Instances Action

We have created a new-and-improved version of our “Terminate EC2 Instance” action called “Terminate EC2 Instances”. This new action allows you to terminate multiple EC2 instances based on various matching criteria:

  • All EC2 Instances
  • Match by instance ID
  • Match by instance Name tag
  • Match by any EC2 tag

There are some additional options available with this new action:

  • EC2 instances can be kept from termination if they have not been running for a certain amount of time. You can limit terminations to only those EC2 instances that have been running for a minimum number of days (for example, 7 days).
  • A minimum number of EC2 instances can be kept from termination. For example, you can select EC2 instances by tag and then choose to terminate all but 2 of them.
  • EC2 instances can be chosen randomly for termination.

Additionally, a final AMI image can be created before the EC2 instance is terminated. This ensures the instance data isn’t permanently lost.

There are many use-cases for this new action.

  • You can enforce a true tag-or-terminate policy within your company. By matching EC2 instances that are missing required tags, EC2 instances can be terminated that violate your policy.
  • You can terminate development servers at the end of the day.
  • Keep EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group “fresh”.
  • You can implement a variation of Chaos Monkey.

Full pricing for this action is available on our pricing page.

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