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Send SSM Command Action

EC2 Run Command (based on Amazon SSM) is a new feature added to EC2 which allows your DevOps and system administrators to send various commands to your EC2 instances without requiring them to login to the instances (eg. using RDP or SSH). Currently, EC2 Run Command is supported only by Windows instances, but Amazon says that Linux support is coming.

More information about EC2 Run Command and it’s announcement can be found on the AWS blog:

For example, using EC2 Run Command, you can issue Powershell commands to your EC2 instances as part of a maintenance schedule.

Send SSM Command Action

Today, we’ve made a new action available: Send SSM Command. This new action can be used to issue commands to your EC2 instances on your choice of schedule.

For example, you can send a command to synchronize local files with an Amazon S3 bucket.

Full pricing information for this new action can be found on our pricing page.

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