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Projects Enhancements

Back in 2019, I introduced you to Skeddly Projects. Projects is a feature in Skeddly that allows you to separate actions, credentials, managed backup plans, and managed start/stop plans. Almost like a mini Skeddly account within an account.

Over the last few months, Skeddly’s Projects feature has been significantly enhanced. And I’m going to tell you all about the wonderful new features within Skeddly Projects.


When Projects was first introduced, one of the first questions was how users could be limited in the Projects they can access. This came from Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and larger organizations managing multiple teams.

In the past, multiple Skeddly accounts was the answer. But that was harder to manage: multiple usernames for users who need access to multiple accounts, and multiple billings.

Now, you can grant users access to only the Projects they require.

MSPs and organizations can now create a single Skeddly account with full access for those that need it. They can then create individual usernames and assign them to Projects for those that require restricted access.

When your MSP client signs-in to Skeddly, they only see their Project. How wonderful is that?


Notifications are sent when Skeddly’s actions complete. Success and/or failure messages can be sent via email, Slack, or Amazon SNS to notify people. However, they could only be configured at the account-level.

Now, each Project can have its own set of notifications. So one project can send an email to persons A & B, and another project can send a Slack message to channel C.

Daily Summaries

Daily summaries were also configured at the account-level. Now, each project can have their own daily summaries configured.

In addition, daily summaries can be configured to be sent at a more desirable time of day.

Try It Today

Projects is available to all users at no extra cost. If you’re managing multiple AWS, Azure, and/or GCP accounts with or without multiple users, and you want to keep things separated, give Projects a try.

Sign-up for our 30 day free trial or sign-in to your Skeddly account to get started.