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Introducing Projects

Today, I want to tell you about a new feature just added to Skeddly: Projects.

Skeddly “Projects” are a way to segregate and organize your credentials and actions. Each project is an isolated collection of cloud credentials, actions, and Managed Instances. You can think of a project as an account within an account.

If you are an MSP managing resources for multiple clients, Projects can help you.

If you manage multiple environments that you want to keep separated, Projects can help you.

You’ll notice the “current project” at the top of the screen:

Clicking on the “current project” will show the “Switch Project” dialog where you can switch to another project.

Every Skeddly account starts with one project, the “Default” project. The default project can be renamed if you don’t like the name “Default”.

You can also add more projects, giving them any name you like:

  • Named by your clients (“BigBrand Co.”, etc.)
  • Named by the environment (“Dev”, “Prod”, etc.)

On the project management page, you can see your projects. Here, I’ve created two extra projects.

When you create a new project, it’s 100% empty, and acts like a freshly created Skeddly account.

New credentials and actions will be created in the current project.

Billing still happens account-wide. So all projects combine together for a single monthly bill.

Some things that we have planned for projects in the future:

  • Per-project notifications
  • Per-project log archiving
  • Per-project access permissions

These will be added based on feedback that we receive.

Projects come at no extra cost. So feel free to create as many projects as you like to help organize your actions.

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