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Introducing Managed Starts and Stops

Last October, we added Managed Backups. Managed Backups is a fantastic feature in Skeddly where you simply configure your backup plan, add resources to the plan, and Skeddly manages the actions used to create and delete your backups for you.

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a similar feature for starting and stopping your cloud resources: Managed Start/Stops.

Using Managed Start/Stops, you:

  1. Create a start/stop plan that defines your desired start & stop schedule,
  2. Add resources to your plan,
  3. Grab a coffee, sit back, and relax.

Once you have created your plan and added resources, Skeddly will create the necessary actions to start and stop your resources based on your desired schedule.

Currently, Managed Start/Stops supports the following resources:

  • Amazon EC2 Instances
  • Amazon RDS Instances (non-Aurora)
  • Amazon RDS Clusters (Aurora)
  • Google VM Instances

Yes, like Managed Backups, Managed Start/Stops even supports Google Cloud Platform.

Managed Start/Stops also supports multiple cloud accounts. So you can create a single plan that covers many AWS and/or GCP accounts.

Using Managed Starts/Stops

To start using Managed Starts/Stops, you start by creating a Start/Stop Plan. You decide when the resources should start, and how long they should be running for.

Here, I am creating a start/stop plan that will start my resources at 8am and stop them at 8pm, Eastern Standard Time. Managed Start/Stop supports many time zones and it obeys daylight savings times.

Next, you add some resources to your plan. Here, I am adding all my EC2 instances in all regions of my two development accounts:

Once the resources are added, Skeddly will automatically create my “start” and “stop” actions for me. Simply use Skeddly’s IAM Policy Generator to generate your permission policies and you’ll be all set.

Here, you can see that I’ve added Amazon EC2 and Google VM Instances to my start/stop plan:

There is no additional cost for using Managed Start/Stops. You simply pay normal pricing for the actions executed.

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