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Introducing Managed Backups

Today, I’m happy to announce a significant new feature to Skeddly: Managed Backups.

Using Managed Backups, you:

  1. Create a backup plan that defines your backup schedule and retention policy,
  2. Add resources to your plan,
  3. Sit back and relax.

Once you have created your plan and added resources, Skeddly will create the necessary actions to create and delete those backups according to your desired schedules.

If you’re already familiar with Skeddly, you’ll know about the Managed Instances feature. Managed Instances is a way to manage the starting/stopping/backups of EC2 instances.

Managed Backups kicks that up 10 notches.

Currently, Managed Backups supports the following backups:

  • Amazon EC2 Instances -> AMI images
  • Amazon EBS Volumes -> EBS snapshots
  • Amazon Lightsail Instances -> Lightsail instance snapshots
  • Amazon RDS DB Instances -> RDS snapshots
  • Amazon RDS Aurora Clusters -> RDS snapshots
  • Google VM Instances -> Disk snapshots

Yes, Managed Backups even supports Google Cloud Platform. Support for Microsoft Azure and additional AWS services will be coming in the near future.

Managed Backups also supports multiple cloud accounts. So you can create a single plan that covers many AWS accounts.

Using Managed Backups

To start using Managed Backups, you start by creating a Backup Plan.

Here, I’ve decided that I want my backups to occur at 3am every day.

I’ve also defined the name of the backup along with some additional resource tags that are to be added. You can also control whether Skeddly stops your instances or not for consistent backups.

Finally, I’ve defined the retention time as 7 days. But I also want to preserve 2 backups. Good news: Skeddly’s Grandfather-Father-Son delete scheme is fully supported as well.

Next, you add some resources to your plan.

Here, I’m adding my Aurora clusters to my backup plan.

Once the resources are added, Skeddly will automatically create my “backup” and “delete” actions for me. Simply use Skeddly’s IAM Policy Generator to generate your permission policies and you’ll be all set.

There is no additional cost for using Managed Backups. You simply pay normal pricing for the actions executed.

Try It Today

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