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Enable EBS Fast Snapshot Restores Action

A month ago, Skeddly added a Disable EBS Fast Snapshot Restores action. This action is a fantastic way to ensure you don’t leave EBS snapshots around with Fast Snapshot Restores enabled. That will just be a waste of money.

Today, I’m happy to announce a new Skeddly action: Enable EBS Fast Snapshot Restores. This new action allows you to enable, and optionally disable Fast Snapshot Restores on your EBS snapshots.

You can choose to enable Fast Snapshot Restores on all snapshots, snapshots for particular EBS volumes, or snapshots matching resource tag and snapshot description comparisons.

Here we are choosing to enable Fast Snapshot Restores for all snapshots for some EBS volumes.

Alternatively, I can enable Fast Snapshot Restores for any snapshots with “Development” in the description.

You can also enable Fast Snapshot Restores only on those snapshots that meet particular age requirements. For example, I can enable Fast Snapshot Restores on all snapshots newer than than 1 day.

Or on all snapshots between 1 and 2 days old.

For the availability zones to enable, I can choose to enable in the same availability zone as the original EBS volume:

Or in a randomly selected availability zone.

And, finally, I can disable Fast Snapshot Restores after a certain amount of time.

This new action is available today. Pricing for it can be found on our pricing pages.

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