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Disable EBS Fast Snapshot Restores Action

A few weeks ago, Amazon announced a new feature for EBS snapshots: Amazon EBS Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR). Normally, accessing data on new EBS volumes was quite slow as the data is lazy-loaded from S3. When Fast Snapshot Restore (FSR) has been enabled on an EBS snapshot, new EBS volumes created from that snapshot will allow fast data access.

While this feature is very good, it’s very expensive to keep enabled on an EBS snapshot for a long time. The cost is $0.75 per EBS snapshot, per availability zone enabled, per hour. From the blog post:

You pay $0.75 for each hour that Fast Snapshot Restore is enabled for a snapshot in a particular Availability Zone, pro-rated and with a minimum of one hour.

During a 30-day month, the cost would be a whopping $540 per EBS snapshot, per availability zone enabled.

Today, I’m happy to announce a new Skeddly action: Disable EBS Fast Snapshot Restores. This new action allows you to disable the fast snapshot restores on one or more EBS snapshots, stopping the extra hourly charge.

The action is quite easy to setup.

You can choose to disable Fast Snapshot Restores on all snapshots, snapshots for particular EBS volumes, or snapshots matching resource tag and snapshot description comparisons.

Here we are choosing to disable Fast Snapshot Restores for all snapshots for some EBS volumes.

Alternatively, I can disable Fast Snapshot Restores for any snapshots with “Development” in the description, and that don’t have a “preserve-fast-snapshot-restore” tag.

You can also disable Fast Snapshot Restores only on those snapshots that meet a particular age requirement. For example, I can disable Fast Snapshot Restores on all snapshots older than 12 hours.

This new action is available today. Pricing for it can be found on our pricing pages.

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