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Start RDS Instances Action

Yesterday, Amazon announced the ability to start and stop RDS instances. This is a welcome feature since it now allows you to easily save money for development environments by stopping your RDS instances when they are not needed, like overnight and on weekends.

This new feature only works for RDS instances that are not Multi-AZ and are not part of a replication group.

Skeddly has had the capability to provide similar RDS cost-savings for quite some time, however, it involved deleting and restoring your RDS instances.

Today, we’re happy to announce a new action: Start RDS Instances. It allows you to take advantage of the new RDS start/stop functionality.

With our new action, you can select RDS instances by the following:

  • All RDS instances found
  • By comparing the RDS instance ID
  • By comparing tags on the RDS instances

Once selected, Skeddly will start the RDS instance when the action starts.

You also have the option to automatically stop the RDS instance after a pre-determined amount of time. For example, you can start your RDS instance at 8am and stop it at 8pm.

To achieve this, you can choose to stop the RDS instance. When selected, you specify the length of time that you want the RDS instance to be available for. At the end of that time, the RDS instance will be stopped.

In addition, when stopping the RDS instance, you can choose to have a snapshot created. So it’s a nice backup measure as well.

This new action is available today. Full pricing information can be found on our pricing page.

Note: If you have RDS instances that are Multi-AZ, you can use Skeddly’s “Restore RDS Instance” action instead to achieve similar cost savings.

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