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Tag EBS Snapshots Action

Back in June, we announced our new Tag EBS Volumes action. Continuing with the theme of tagging, we’ve added a similar action for your EBS snapshots.

Tag EBS Snapshots Action

With the new “Tag EBS Snapshots” action, you can add and change resource tags to your EBS snapshots. EBS snapshots can be selected by:

  • All EBS snapshots
  • EBS snapshots which match a resource tag comparison

You are given quite a lot of flexibility with this new action:

  • Add and/or change arbitrary tags on your snapshots
  • Copy tags from each snapshot’s source EBS volume
  • Copy tags from each snapshot’s source EBS volume’s attached EC2 instance

For example, using this functionality, you can copy a resource tag called “environment” all the way from an EC2 instance to the snapshot.

This action allows you to track cost, resource usage, and identification of your EBS snapshots.

As always, you can add resource tags to the EBS snapshots that Skeddly creates. But this action allows you to add more tags later, or add tags to snapshots that Skeddly did not create.

Full pricing for this action is available on our pricing page.

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