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Tag EBS Volumes Action

Resource tagging is an important strategy for managing your AWS accounts. By adding tags to your AWS resources, you can:

  • identify resources more clearly,
  • document attributes such as cost, ownership, and teams,
  • group and select resources

Most DevOps strategies utilizing AWS use resource tags extensively. Tagging is so important these days that Amazon has added a dedicated Resource Tag Editor in the main AWS Management Console.

EBS volumes are a difficult resource to keep tagged. While they support tagging, EBS volumes are often secondary resources to EC2 instances. Because of this, they often are left untagged. Check out your own list of EBS volumes in the AWS Management Console. How many of them have any tags at all?

Tag EBS Volumes Action

We’re happy to unveil a new action today: Tag EBS Volumes.

Using our new action, you can easily add resource tags to one or many EBS volumes. You can do any combination of the following:

  • copy all resource tags from EC2 instances to EBS volumes
  • copy specific tags from EC2 instances to EBS volumes
  • add new tags to EBS volumes
  • update existing tags on EBS volumes

Using the new action, you can keep better track of your EBS volumes for cost, resource usage, and identification.

Full pricing for this action is available on our pricing page.

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