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Start Network Insights Analyses Action

In December, AWS announced the new VPC Reachability Analyzer tool. Using this tool, AWS can analyse the paths within your VPC to determine whether the various components in your VPC can communicate with each other or not. This can be useful for network connectivity and security:

  • Ensure that your EC2 instances can reach their RDS databases.
  • Ensure that your private subnets are truly private.

Today, Skeddly’s adding a new action to assist with your network path analyses: Start Network Insights Analyses

With this new action, you can start analysing your pre-defined network insights paths on any schedule you want, sending you an email summary when the analyses are complete.

Why “Start Network Insights Analyses” ?

First off, why is the action called “Start Network Insights Analyses”?

The reason this action is named this way is because the AWS API and SDKs use this terminology. The AWS Management Console calls it “VPC Reachability”, but the API and SDKs call it “Network Insights Analyses”.

Path Selection

When the action executes, it can look for paths:

  • all regions, or in specific regions,
  • all paths,
  • specific paths identified by their path ID (nip-12345678), or
  • paths matching resource tag comparisons (equals, starts with, exists, etc.)

Analyses Started

When Skeddly starts the analyses, it can add tags to the analyses.


When the action completes, a report can be emailed to you summarizing the findings. The email can be sent to the email address of the primary Skeddly user, or one or more alternate email addresses.

The report can be in many different formats:

  • A table in the email itself,
  • An HTML table attached to the email, or
  • A CSV file

This new action is available today. Pricing for it can be found on our pricing pages.

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