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Start and Stop DocumentDB Clusters Actions

Amazon DocumentDB is a managed MongoDB-compatible database service provided by AWS. It provides the database in clusters, with multiple instances, for high-availablity.

To help with cost-reduction strategies, AWS allows DocumentDB clusters to be stopped and restarted. While the cluster is stopped, you’re not charged. So it’s a great candidate to shut off overnight and on weekends if it’s not needed.

Why is this a good thing?

In the US East 1 region, a DocumentDB cluster with a single db.r5.large instance costs $0.277 per hour. That will cost $46.536 per week. But if you only need the cluster during business hours, it could cost you only $16.62 (Monday - Friday, running only 12 hours). Larger clusters with more instances simply compounds the cost savings.

Instance Type Hourly Cost Number of Instances Weekly Cost (24/7) Weekly Cost (12/5)
db.r5.large $0.277 1 $46.536 $16.62
db.r5.xlarge $0.554 1 $93.072 $33.24
db.r5.xlarge $0.554 2 $186.144 $66.48
db.r5.12xlarge $6.648 2 $2,233.728 $797.76

As you can see, by starting & stopping your clusters, you can have a resilient cluster (with 2 instances) for less than the cost of a non-resilient cluster (with only 1 instance).

Today, I’m happy to announce two new actions to help you reduce your cloud costs: “Start DocumentDB Clusters” and “Stop DocumentDB Clusters”.

Using the new “Start DocumentDB Clusters” action, you can start your DocumentDB clusters in the morning, and optionally stop them at night or on weekends.

With the new “Stop DocumentDB Clusters” action, you can stop your clusters in the evening and restart them in the morning. Or you can simply shut them down and allow your team to start the clusters when they’re needed.

Both actions allow you to select your DocumentDB clusters in a number of ways:

  • All DocumentDB clusters
  • By the cluster’s unique ID
  • By fuzzy-matching the cluster’s ID
  • By fuzzy-matching resource tags attached to the clusters

And each allows you to revert the cluster after a specified number of hours.

These actions are perfect to help reduce the costs of development environments and other business-hours-only environments.

Managed Start/Stops

DocumentDB clusters have also been added to Skeddly’s Managed Start/Stop service. So you can easily create your Start/Stop plan and include your DocumentDB clusters.

These new actions are available today. Pricing for them can be found on our pricing pages.

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