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Export RDS Snapshots Action

In January, AWS announced the ability to export RDS snapshots to S3. This new feature allows you to export your RDS data to S3 buckets in Apache Parquet format.

Today, I’m happy to say that we’ve added a new action to help with this feature: Export RDS Snapshots. This new action will automate the process of exporting RDS snapshots to S3 on a daily basis.

You can select the snapshots to be exported based on:

  • Their snapshot ID,
  • The RDS instances or clusters they were created from,
  • By matching resource tags on the snapshots, and
  • The snapshot’s age.

RDS Snapshots in multiple regions can be exported. But each RDS snapshot must be exported to an S3 bucket that is the same region as the snapshot. And the exported data is encrypted using KMS keys in the same region.

So you can specify the S3 buckets that the snapshots can be exported to, and the KMS keys used to encrypt the data. Skeddly will figure out which regions are which and use them appropriately.

Currently, only Apache Parquet format is supported by Amazon’s Export feature. I hope to see CSV, JSON, and SQL script formats coming in the future.

This new action is available today. Pricing for it can be found on our pricing pages.

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