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Deploy CodeDeploy Application Action

AWS CodeDeploy is a deployment management service offered by AWS. You can use it to deploy updates of your applications to your EC2 instances, Lambda functions, and on-premises servers. This can be a powerful tool in your CI/CD pipeline.

Today, I’m happy to announce a new action: Deploy CodeDeploy Application.

Using this new action, you can schedule deployments of your applications to one or more deployment groups.

Using Skeddly’s standard scheduling options, you can schedule your deployments to occur regularly (eg. daily), or pre-schedule them to occur during off-times for your application (eg. overnight).

Skeddly can deploy your application to one or more deployment groups within your application:

  • All deployment groups, or
  • You can specify a list of deployment groups to deploy

Revision bundles can be pulled from Amazon S3 dynamically using runtime macros. So each deployment group could have it’s own unique bundle.

You can introduce a delay in your deployments between deployment groups. So you can slowly roll-out your new revisions over time.

Pricing for this new action can be found on our pricing page.

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