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Start Transfer for SFTP Servers Action

This week was very exciting at AWS re:Invent. There were many, many new services announced. One new service that was announced is called AWS Transfer for SFTP.

AWS Transfer for SFTP allows you to setup a managed SFTP server which will upload and download files to Amazon S3, using the SFTP protocol. This is a great way to transfer files in to and out of Amazon S3 using standard tools.

However, running an SFTP server can be expensive. In the Virginia region (us-east-1), the SFTP server costs $0.30 per hour to keep running. Data transferred is charged on top of that. The nice part: SFTP servers can be started and stopped. I think you can see where I’m going with this.

Today, I’m happy to announce a new action that has been added to Skeddly: Start Transfer for SFTP Servers.

This action allows you to start SFTP servers on your given schedule.

SFTP servers can be selected for starting by any of the following:

  • All servers
  • By Server ID - Specific server IDs can be specified
  • By resource tag - My favourite

Once the servers have been started, they can be optionally stopped after a pre-determined amount of time.

Given the $0.30 per hour running cost, here’s a comparison of keeping an SFTP server online 24/7 compared to 9am to 9pm M-F:

Time Weekly Hours Online Weekly Cost
24/7 168 $50.40
9am - 9pm M-F 60 $18.00

That’s a savings of almost 65% !

If you are just using your SFTP server during business hours, you can save a lot of money by shutting it off over night and weekends.

Full pricing information for this new action is available on our pricing page.

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