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CloudFormation Stack Drift Report Action

Last week, AWS announced a fantastic new feature for AWS CloudFormation, CloudFormation Drift Detection. Drift detection allows you to determine whether the AWS resources controlled by your CloudFormation stacks have drifted from their original configuration. This can happen if you manually adjust properties of your AWS resources.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new action to report on your CloudFormation drifted stacks: CloudFormation Stack Drift Report.

This new action will trigger a drift detection on your CloudFormation stacks, and email a report to you summarizing the drift status.

You can select stacks for drift detection multiple ways:

  • All stacks
  • By stack name
  • By resource tag

Once the stacks drifts have been detected, a report can be emailed to you. The report can be a table in the email, or a CSV file.

Full pricing information for this new action is available on our pricing page.

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