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Skeddly Now Supports Microsoft Azure

For 7 years, AWS users have been using Skeddly to lower their AWS bills by starting & stopping EC2 and RDS instances, along with Redshift and ElastiCache clusters. Now, Azure users can join the party too.

Today, we’re adding support for Microsoft Azure by adding two new actions:

  • Start Virtual Machines
  • Stop Virtual Machines

These are our first actions for Azure, launching our foray into multi-cloud management.

Similar to our actions for AWS, our Azure actions can start and stop your virtual machines in order to reduce your cloud costs. Used strategically, these can be used to reduce your Azure bills by up to 65%.

Virtual machines can be selected for starting or stopping by:

  • All virtual machines found,
  • By location
  • By resource group,
  • By virtual machine name,
  • By resource tag
  • Any combination of the above.

Using the “Start Virtual Machines” action, you can start the virtual machines, and optionally stop them. Likewise, using the “Stop Virtual Machines” action, you can stop the virtual machines and optionally restart them. Which you choose is only dependent on your desired workflow.

These new actions are available now to everyone. Pricing can be found on our pricing page.

We have even included 100 free starts and stops for virtual machines in our free tier.

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