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New Coverage Reports

Today we’re happy to announce two new reports available to Skeddly users:

  • Backup Coverage Report
  • Start/Stop Coverage Report

Both of these reports will cross-reference resources in your AWS account against actions in your Skeddly account to determine how “covered” you are.

Backup Coverage Report

The Backup Coverage Report scans your AWS account and displays the actions that will backup each resource.

The report shows backup coverage details about the resources:

  • The backup schedule.
  • Whether the resource has duplicated backups.
  • Whether the resource has full or partial backups. For example, an EC2 instance may only have one EBS volume scheduled to be backed up.

The Backup Coverage Report currently supports EC2 instances, EBS volumes, and RDS instances. More resource types will be added later.

Start/Stop Coverage Report

Similarly, the Start/Stop Coverage Report looks at your AWS account and dispays the actions that will start and/or stop each resource.

The report shows start/stop coverage details about the resources:

  • The start and stop schedules.
  • Whether there is more than one action covering the resource.
  • Whether the actions cover starting, stopping, or both.

The Start/Stop Coverage Report currently supports EC2 instances, with more resource types being added later on.

Tell me more

These new reports allow you to export the data to CSV files. So you can view, manipulate, or archive the results in any way you want.

Both reports are available today at no extra charge to all Skeddly users.

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