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Subscribe to Skeddly on the AWS Marketplace

Last November, AWS announced the ability to subscribe to SaaS products through the AWS Marketplace. Prior to that, all SaaS listings were simple redirects to the vendor’s website.

With that announcement, users are able to subscribe to SaaS products directly from the Marketplace. In addition, billing for the service is integrated with your AWS bill.

Today we are very happy to announce that Skeddly subscriptions are now available through the AWS Marketplace.

Starting today, you can subscribe to Skeddly directly from the AWS Marketplace. Billing for Skeddly is integrated into your AWS bill.

For us, this is a very natural integration: Skeddly is all-in on AWS, completely AWS focused, and seen by many as that natural scheduling and automation extension of their AWS accounts. It was only a matter of time before Skeddly billings were combined into the AWS billings.

Pricing for Skeddly from the AWS Marketplace is the same as our stand-alone pricing. It includes the same 30-day free trial and the same free-tier that we’ve always had. The only differences are the billing and the currency.

If you are new to Skeddly, you can sign-up through the AWS Marketplace.

If you have an existing Skeddly account, and you want to switch to integrated billing, talk to us about migrating your existing Skeddly account.

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