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Stop Limits When Stopping EC2 Instances

We have added a new option on our “Stop Multiple EC2 Instances” action that allows you to limit the number of EC2 instances that are stopped.

Now as part of our “Stop Multiple EC2 Instances” action, you can choose to limit the number of EC2 instances that get stopped in multiple ways:

  • Stop all instances matched - This is the default behaviour and will stop all EC2 instances that are matched.
  • Keep a minimum number of instances running - When using this option, a minimum number of EC2 instances will remain running, the rest will be stopped.
  • Stop a maximum number of instances - When using this option, only up to a maximum number of EC2 instances will be stopped. The remaining instances will be left running.

With these options, you can stop the majority of a fleet of EC2 instances, while keeping a base number running. This works great with Auto Scaling groups.

You can also put a limit on your development accounts where you limit the number of EC2 instances that are left running overnight. The remainder are stopped.

These new options are available now at no extra charge.

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