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Customize AMI Images

We have added some enhancements to two of our popular actions:

  • Create AMI Image
  • Create AMI Images

Now, you can customize properties of the volumes attached to the new EC2 instances created by the AMI image.

When you use the AWS Management Console to create an AMI image, you are given the option to exclude EBS volumes and change some properties of the volumes, such as:

  • Volume type (SSD, magnetic, provisioned IOPS)
  • IOPS value (for provisioned IOPS volumes)
  • Delete on Terminate

Now, you can customize these same properties when creating AMI images using Skeddly. Now you can make the following customizations.

  • Include all volumes, or just the root volume.
  • Change the volume type to SSD, magnetic, provisioned IOPS.
  • Change the IOPS values for provisioned IOPS volumes.
  • Change whether the volume is deleted when the EC2 instance is terminated.

This enhancement is available now for everyone to use.

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