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Delete Unused WorkSpaces

At Eleven41 Software, we use AWS WorkSpaces for our all of our work. It allows us to connect to our working desktops from many different devices, and it helps keep our work secure from loss or theft.

However, it is possible for workspaces to get “forgotten”. This may happen for any number of reasons:

  • A development workspace is no longer needed,
  • An employee may have left the company

Leaving unused workspaces lying around will end up costing you money. Once a new month starts, each workspace will be charged it’s monthly price.

Today, we’re happy to announce a new action to help report on, and clean up, unused AWS WorkSpaces: Delete Unused WorkSpaces Workspaces.

Delete Unused WorkSpaces Workspaces

Using our new clean-up action, you can have a report generated and sent to you reporting the usage state of all your workspaces. The report will include:

  • The user of the workspace,
  • The unused time of the workspace, and
  • The delete status of the workspace.

Here is a sample report.

You can choose to workspaces based on many different options:

  • All workspaces in the region,
  • By a workspace’s user,
  • By a workspace’s ID, or
  • By resource tags on the workspaces

Once selected, the workspace’s unused time will be compared to your “report” time and “delete” time. Currently, CloudWatch metrics are used to determine connection time. The check is quite conservative.

Running this action once before each month’s end will help identify workspaces that are no longer used, so they can be deleted before the next billing period. It’s an effective way to help keep your cloud waste at a minimum.


Full pricing information for this action can be found on our pricing page.

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