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Create Lightsail Instance Snapshots

At AWS re:Invent 2016, AWS announced Amazon Lightsail, Amazon’s Virtual Private Server solution. Lightsail is targeted at the VPS market, with a simpler, albeit less flexible solution compared to EC2. But with Lightsail, users can get up-and-running quickly with a Linux server with many pre-bundled application packages, such as WorkPress, a LAMP stack, or Redmine.

Like many AWS solutions, Lightsail provides a way to create snapshots of your servers. However, the process of creating Lightsail instance snapshots is a manual one: you must create snapshots using the web front-end, or the AWS CLI.

Today, we are announcing the first of our Lightsail actions: Create Lightsail Instance Snapshots.

Using our newest action, you can create daily, weekly, monthly snapshots of your Lightsail instances. Instances can be selected by:

  • All instances
  • By matching the instance name

Runtime macros can be used in the snapshot names, so that you can include information such as the instance name, date, region, etc.

Additionally, to ensure you get a consistent snapshot, Skeddly can even stop your Lightsail instance for you at the time of the snapshot. The instance will be restarted once the snapshot has commenced.

This new action is available today.


Full pricing information for this action can be found on our pricing page.

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