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Identity Federation Using SAML

Identity Federation is the ability to access Service Providers (such as Skeddly) using an existing Identity Provider (such as Active Directory Federation Services). It uses your existing users when accessing the Service’s resources, and eliminates the need to provision new user credentials for the Service Provider.

Today, we’re happy to announce that you can now use your existing SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Providers to access your Skeddly accounts.

Identity Federation with Skeddly works very similar to how it works with AWS IAM:

  1. You create an Identity Provider in your Skeddly account.
  2. Then you register Skeddly as an application in our organization’s Identity Provider.
  3. Next, you enable the Skeddly app for the appropriate users.
  4. Finally, your users access Skeddly from your organization’s Identity Provider’s app portal.

Once a trust relationship has been established between Skeddly and your Identity Provider, you can manage users solely within the Identity Provider. You no longer need to provision users inside your Skeddly account. You can even assign Skeddly permissions to your users within your IdP.

Any SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Provider should work. Below is a list of Identity Providers we have confirmed to work with Skeddly.

  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Google Apps
  • OneLogin
  • Okta

Documentation for setting up your Skeddly accounts and service providers can be found here:

This fantastic new feature is available now at no additional cost.

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