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Adding Security Group Rules for Dynamic DNS

Security groups are a fundamental building block of your AWS account. Using security groups, you can permit access to your instances for the right people. Misusing security groups, you can allow access to your databases for the wrong people.

Using Skeddly’s “Add EC2 Security Group Rule” action, you can automatically add and revoke security group rules based on your desired schedule.

For example, at 9am, you can authorize SSH and RDP access from your organization’s firewall and then revoke that access at 6pm. This helps reduce your organization’s security footprint.

Dynamic Resolution for CIDRs

Starting today, you can choose to specify a domain name as the source for your security group rule. The host name will be resolved at time of execution, so if your DNS entry changes, then the new IP address will be used.

This can be very useful for those using dynamic DNS services, or if you simply want to be able to specify your CIDR block from a DNS entry.

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