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Reboot and Rebuild WorkSpaces Actions

Amazon WorkSpaces is Amazon’s managed desktop service. Using Amazon WorkSpaces, you can have a cloud-managed Windows desktop available using clients for Windows, Mac, Linux and tablets. We use WorkSpaces for our development environments.

Today, we have two new actions available to help manage your Amazon WorkSpaces workspaces:

  • Reboot WorkSpaces Workspaces
  • Rebuild WorkSpaces Workspaces

Reboot WorkSpaces Workspaces

Our first new action, called “Reboot WorkSpaces Workspaces”, allows you to reboot one or more workspaces. Workspaces can be selected using the following:

  • All workspaces,
  • By workspace ID, or
  • By user name

Rebuild WorkSpaces Workspaces

Our second new action, called “Rebuild WorkSpaces Workspaces”, allows you to rebuild one or more workspaces. This action can select workspaces to be rebuilt using a similar selection process as the “Reboot” action.

Rebuilding workspaces can be useful to force the workspaces back to “factory default”.

Full pricing for these actions is available on our pricing page.

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