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Apply S3 Bucket Policy Action

We’re excited to announce a new action in our ever-growing list of actions: Apply S3 Bucket Policy.

Using this new action, you can apply a bucket policy to one or more of your Amazon S3 buckets. The policy can be one of our built-in policies, or it can be a custom policy of your own. AWS has supplied many example bucket policies. Some examples include:

  • Restricting access to specific IP addresses.
  • Enforcing encryption-at-rest on all object uploads - Recommended by many as a security best-practice.
  • Granting read-only permissions for static website hosting.

Out-of-the-gate, we’re including built-in policies to enforce encryption-at-rest on object uploads. But we’ll be adding more built-in policies based on your feedback. However, you can always apply your own custom policies as well.

This action can be a powerful tool to enforce company policies and to lock-down your Amazon S3 buckets. Run it daily, weekly, or monthly to ensure your buckets have the right policies applied. Or just run it once to apply a policy to a large number of buckets.

Full pricing for this action is available on our pricing page.

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