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Update Auto Scaling Groups Action

Today, we’ve made available an updated version of our “Update Auto Scaling Group” action. The updated version functions identically to the old version except that it can update multiple groups at the same time. The new action is called “Update Auto Scaling Groups” (note the plural version of “Group”).

You can select groups by:

  • All Groups - Update all Auto Scaling groups found
  • By Group Name - Update Auto Scaling groups that match a comparison against the group’s name
  • By Resource Tag - Update Auto Scaling groups that match a comparison against a resource tag on the group

Use Cases

Development Environments

Using this new action, you can configure your development environments, which are managed by Auto Scaling groups, to reduce the EC2 instance count to 0 on Friday evening. Then, on Monday morning, you can have the Auto Scaling group restored. This can help reduce the costs of your EC2 instances during times when the instances are not needed.

Scheduled Load Handling

If you have regular peaks and lulls in your web applications load, you can raise and lower the EC2 instances during those highs and lows. For example, if you have a monthly sale that goes out, you can schedule your Auto Scaling group to increase the EC2 instance count before the sale, and reduce the instance count afterwards.

Full pricing for this action is available on our pricing page.

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