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Skeddly Adds Managed Policies for Your Team Members

Skeddly has allowed you to add additional users to your Skeddly account for a while now. This allows you, as a Skeddly administrator, to give other members of your organization access to your Skeddly account.

  • Each user has their own username and password.
  • Each user can have their own MFA device.

And starting today:

  • Each user can be given specific permissions based on his/her role(s) within your organization.

Managed Policies

Similarly to how an IAM Managed Policy can be applied to an IAM user or IAM role, we’ve created a set of Skeddly Managed Policies that can be applied to your users:

  • Full - Complete access to everything in Skeddly.
  • Full Read-only - Complete, but read-only, access to everything in Skeddly.
  • Standard - Access to most features. Does not include access to billing, notifications and account options.
  • Standard Read-only - Same as “Standard”, but read-only.
  • Execute Actions - Read-only access to actions, credentials, and action execution logs, but with the extra ability to execute actions and cancel action executions.
  • Full Financial - Access to invoices and billing settings, but not much else.

By default, the “Standard” policy is attached to new users when they are created.

Multiple Managed Policies can be attached to your Skeddly users. This lets you mix-and-match policies for customized access permissions.

We plan to expand our list of available Managed Policies in the future based on feedback and requests.

Under the hood, Managed Policies are based on policy access documents very similar to IAM policy access documents. More about that in the future.

Skeddly’s pricing is based on the actions you execute, not on the size of your organization. Your Skeddly account can have an unlimited number of additional users at no extra charge. Managed Policies can also be used at no additional charge.

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