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Delete Unused Elastic Load Balancers

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing is used to manage inbound TCP/IP connections and forward them to EC2 instances waiting to process the connections. Elastic Load Balancing provides a robust way to distribute traffic across multiple availability zones. Any number of EC2 instances can be used with your load balancer.

However, leaving an Elastic Load Balancer idle without any EC2 instances behind it, is simply wasting money. In the US East (Virginia) region, an unused Elastic Load Balancer will waste over $18 every month. You’ll waste over $24 a month in Sao Paulo.

Delete Unused Elastic Load Balancers Action

Yesterday, we introduced our new “Delete Unused CloudWatch Alarms” action. Continuing with our “AWS account clean-up” theme, today we’re introducing a new action to help lower your AWS costs: Delete Unused Elastic Load Balancers.

Load balancers can be deleted immediately. Alternatively, it can track them for a period of time (for example, 7 days). After that period of time, if the load balancer is still unused, it will be deleted.

If your AWS account contains any Elastic Load Balancers without any EC2 instances behind them, then this action can help to lower your AWS costs.

Full pricing for this action is on our pricing page.

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