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Delete Unused CloudWatch Alarms

Amazon CloudWatch alarms are a powerful tool used to receive alerts when CloudWatch metrics meet or pass certain thresholds. For example, you can create a CloudWatch alarm that will trigger when an RDS instance’s available storage falls below 10%.

Sometimes, when AWS resources are deleted, old CloudWatch alarms may remain around. This causes two problems:

  • A stale CloudWatch alarm will sit idle in the “Insufficient Data” list, and
  • It will continue to cost you $0.10 per alarm per month ($0.135 in Sao Paulo).

Delete Unused CloudWatch Alarms Action

Today, we’re happy to announce a new action to help you keep your AWS account clean: Delete Unused Cloudwatch Alarms. Using this new action, you can delete CloudWatch alarms which are sitting in your AWS account, but have no metrics or metric data to trigger the alarm.

The action looks for any Cloudwatch alarms which are in an “INSUFFICIENT_DATA” state, and optionally, possess a matching namespace (such as AWS/EC2). Compatible alarms are checked for compatible metrics or metric data, and if none are found, then, the alarm is deleted.

If your AWS account contains many alarms sitting in the “INSUFFICIENT_DATA” state, then this action can help to lower your AWS costs.

Full pricing for this action is on our pricing page.

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