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A Near-Zero-Cost Insurance Policy Against Unused EC2 Instances

For many years, Skeddly has included a very powerful action: Stop Multiple EC2 Instances. Using this action, you can stop EC2 instances at a pre-defined time. Instances to be stopped can be selected based on different criteria:

  • All EC2 Instances
  • Any EC2 instances that match a particular EC2 tag
  • All EC2 instances that have a certain name
  • EC2 instances with specific instance IDs

For example, you can stop all EC2 instances each night. Or, you can stop specific EC2 instances based on their EC2 instance ID. Or you can stop EC2 instances that match specific EC2 tags.

Starting today, charges for this action only include those EC2 instances that are not already stopped. So if your action is configured to stop 10 instances, but 7 of them are already stopped, then you will only be charged for stopping 3 instances.

If you normally manually stop unused instances at night, then you can use this action as a near-zero-cost insurance policy to ensure the instances are stopped in case you forget to stop them. And you’ll only be charged for the instances that were forgotten.

Full pricing for this action is available on our pricing page.

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