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Create Storage Gateway Snapshots Action

Using AWS Storage Gateway, you can connect your on-premises storage solutions with Amazon’s cloud-based storage solutions for backup, DR, and caching purposes.

AWS Storage Gateway allows you to create snapshots of your gateway volumes for backup purposes. But until today, creating these snapshots was a manual process using the AWS Management Console.

Create Storage Gateway Snapshots

Today, we’re happy to announce a new action: Create Storage Gateway Snapshots. Using this new action, you can create snapshots of one or more of your storage gateway volumes.

You can create snapshots for:

  • all your storage volumes,
  • all volumes attached to selected gateways, or
  • only selected volumes

Once the snapshots have been created, they can be tagged for cost allocation and cataloging purposes. In addition, they can be copied to another region for extra redundancy.

Since Storage Gateway snapshots are stored as EBS snapshots, Skeddly’s “Delete EBS Snapshots” action can be used to delete and rotate old snapshots.

Full pricing information for this new action can be found on our pricing page.

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