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Cost Reduction for DynamoDB Tables

Amazon DynamoDB is a managed NoSQL database service from Amazon Web Services. Using DynamoDB, you can store data without requiring a fixed schema. Amazon DynamoDB is priced based on your desired read and write capacity. Meaning, you’ll pay more for more available reads and writes per second, and pay less for fewer available reads and writes per second.

For some databases with predictable performance requirements, scheduling the through-put of your DynamoDB tables may be an effective cost-reduction strategy. For example, if your database is predominantly used during business-hours, and rarely used after-hours or on weekends, then reducing your table’s read and/or write through-put can help reduce your AWS costs. Until today, adjusting your table’s read or write capacity needed to be done manually or by using and managing your own scripts.

Change DynamoDB Tables

Today we’re happy to announce a new action for active cost reduction: Change DynamoDB Tables. Using this new action, you can schedule your tables to raise or lower their read and/or write through-puts to accommodate higher or lower demand and to optimize costs.

You can choose to adjust the read capacity, write capacity, or both capacity values of your tables. The action can adjust the values and optionally revert the changes after a pre-determined time.

Full pricing information for this new action can be found on our pricing page.

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