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New CloudFormation Actions

Amazon CloudFormation is a service that allows you to manage and provision AWS resources using a template file in JSON format. Using CloudFormation templates, you can create, update, and delete many related AWS resources as a single unit.

For example, in a CloudFormation stack, you can create an RDS instance, EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group fronted by an Elastic Load Balancer. The JSON template file can be managed by developer and DevOps tools such as source control. This allows you to create the stacks in a predictable and easily-repeatable manner.

We use CloudFormation extensively with Skeddly development and production.

Today, we’re happy to announce two new actions in our ever-expanding collection of actions.

Create CloudFormation Stack

This new action allows you to create a CloudFormation stack on a regular schedule. The template can come from an S3 bucket, or you can specify the template body within the action itself.

Once the stack has been created, it can be automatically deleted after a pre-determined amount of time.

This action gives you the ability to run entire CloudFormation stacks during desired times only, such as only during business hours.

Delete CloudFormation Stacks

This new action will delete one or more CloudFormation stacks based on your selected search criteria. For example, you can delete all stacks in an AWS account, only those that match a particular stack name comparison, or those that match a certain resource tag.

For example, you could delete all stacks on Friday afternoons to prevent development stacks from running over the weekend. Or you could delete all untagged stacks at the end of each day to enforce a “tag or terminate” policy.

Both of these actions are great for cost-reduction and policy enforcement. Full pricing information for these actions can be found on our pricing page.

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These new actions are available now.

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