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Changes to Free Usage Tier: EBS Snapshots and AMI Images

We are pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our free usage tier.

EBS Snapshots

Everyone receives 10 free EBS snapshots. This not only doubles the previous number of free EBS snapshots, but it also includes EBS snapshots created by any of our EBS-snapshot-creating actions such as:

  • Create EBS Snapshot
  • Create Multiple EBS Snapshots
  • Backup EC2 Instances
  • Backup Multiple EC2 Instances

If you have been using our “Create EBS Snapshot” action simply to be included in the free usage tier, now you can move (if you want) to any of the more powerful actions listed above and still take advantage of the free snapshots. Also, those of you using our “Managed Instances” feature, which uses the “Backup EC2 Instance” action, will be able to receive the free snapshots as well.

AMI Images

Everyone receives 10 free AMI images. This is newly added to our free usage tier. It includes AMI images created by any of our AMI-image-creating actions such as:

  • Create AMI Image
  • Create Multiple AMI Images

We added AMI images to our free usage tier because we want to encourage people to create AMI images of their EC2 instances. AMI images provide a convenient way to restore an EC2 instance quickly should a disaster strike.

All of the above changes are effective July 1, 2015. Full pricing information can be found on our pricing page.