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Per-Volume Logic Added to Managed Instances

Managed Instances are a convenient way to manage your EC2 instances:

  • schedule the starting and stopping of your instance
  • schedule when backups are taken (EBS snapshots and AMI images)
  • delete old backups

Today, we’ve added “Per-Volume Logic” to Managed Instances when deleting EBS snapshot backups.

With this new option, Skeddly will preserve a minimum number of snapshots for each volume. This new option makes it easier to preserve the correct number of EBS snapshots. It is enabled by default for new Managed Instances, but is off by default for existing Managed Instances. You can enable this feature for your existing Managed Instances or groups.

Skeddly has had “Per-Volume Logic” for a while in our “Delete EBS Snapshots” action. Now it is available in Managed Instances too.