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New Directory Service Actions

AWS Directory Service is a managed service from Amazon where you can connect your EC2 instances and other resources to a Microsoft Active Directory. The directory can either be your own on-premises directory, or you can create your own directory hosted within the AWS cloud.

More information about this service can be found on the AWS Directory Service page.

Today, we are pleased to announce support for scheduling and automating the creation and deletion of AWS Directory Service snapshots.

We have two new actions:

  • Create Directory Service Snapshots - This action will create a new snapshot of your directory, optionally using macros and run-time information to give it a unique name.
  • Delete Directory Service Snapshots - This action will delete one or more snapshots, using matching criteria such as directory name, snapshot name, age, etc.

Both of these actions are now available. Pricing information for them is available on our pricing page.