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Tagging EBS Snapshots with New AMI Images

Tags are an important part of Amazon Web Services. Tagging resources allows you to perform many administrative functions:

  • Perform cost allocation
  • Organize, search, and filter resources
  • Restrict security

Tagging resources is so important that Amazon has created a dedicated resource tag editor built into the AWS Management Console.

Skeddly has allowed you to assign custom tags to new AMI images for a while. However, until now, those new tags were not propagated to the associated EBS snapshots.

Starting today, newly created AMI images that have custom resource tags assigned will also have those same resource tags assigned to the associated EBS snapshots.

EBS snapshot storage is one of the metrics that AWS accounts are charged for. So tagging the EBS snapshots is important for proper cost allocation. Today’s change, while small, will help you with your cost allocation.