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Copy S3 Objects Action Added

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is virtually unlimited internet-based storage. Files (or Objects in S3 terminology) are stored in buckets. Think of buckets like file servers or file drives. More information about Amazon S3 can be found at

Today, we are making available a new action for Amazon S3: Copy S3 Objects. This new action will allow you to copy objects (files) from one S3 bucket to another. Those buckets can be in the same region, or they can be in different regions. For example, you can copy objects from US East 1 (Virginia) to US West 2 (Oregon).

Files to be copied can be restricted based on a given object’s key prefix. Using this option, you can restrict objects that are copied to only those in a “mysubdir/” folder.

Also, objects can be renamed during the copy process. Using this option, you can move files from one folder to another as they are copied.

Objects in the source bucket are not deleted or changed.

Some use-cases of the new Copy S3 Objects action include:

  • Backup objects (files) to another bucket.
  • Restore objects from a source bucket.
  • Create a development, staging, or production environment.

This action is available today. Pricing can be found on our pricing page.