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Invoke Lambda Function Action Added

AWS Lambda is an AWS service that allows you to execute your own code without having to spin up your own infrastructure. That is, you don’t have to launch your own EC2 instances in order to run your code.

Currently, AWS Lambda supports Node.js, but other languages are going to be added soon.

More information about AWS Lambda can be found at

Today, we have made available a new action that you can use with AWS Lambda: Execute Lambda Function.

With this new function, you can execute your Lambda functions on a predefined schedule, manually, or in response to SNS notifications. Setting up the new action is easy:

  1. Set your schedule
  2. Set your function name
  3. Set your function arguments in JSON format

After that, your function will execute based on your schedule.

Pricing for this new action can be found on our pricing page. You can start using this action today. Have fun.