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Create, Tag, Copy EBS Snapshots in a Single Action

For quite some time, Skeddly has enabled you to create EBS snapshots and tag them according to your backup and disaster recovery strategies. Also, Skeddly has been able to copy EBS snapshots between AWS regions according to your schedule. But this was done separately from the creation process.

Today, we are happy to announce that these capabilities have been combined. When you create an EBS snapshot, you can now choose to have that new EBS snapshot automatically copied to another region. This further streamlines your ability to use Skeddly in your disaster recovery strategies.

The option is available in the following actions:

  • Create EBS Snapshot
  • Create Multiple EBS Snapshots
  • Backup EC2 Instance
  • Backup Multiple EC2 Instances

In addition, the new option does not cost anything extra above the normal prices of the above actions.

Now you can be confident that your EBS snapshots have been created and tagged, and a secondary copy has been created in another region. All without any manual steps.