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Two New Create AMI Image Action Enhancements

Skeddly’s “Create AMI Image” action is an excellent tool for creating AMI images from your EC2 instances on a regular schedule.

Today, we have enhanced this action with two new features.

First, we’ve enabled you to add extra EC2 tags to the AMI image. So you can tag the new AMI image with information about costing or EC2 source information.

Second, we’ve added an option to copy the newly created AMI image to another region. Now, when the image is complete, Skeddly will immediately copy the AMI image to the region of your choice. All AMI and EBS tags will accompany the image, just like our “Copy AMI Images” action.

Previously, you needed to use Skeddly’s “Copy AMI Images” action to copy the AMI image. This was difficult to time against the AMI creation. One more benefit: since it’s included as part of the “Create AMI Image” action, it won’t cost anything extra to copy the image.

Both these options are available now.

Now, with a single option, you can:

  1. Create a new AMI from your EC2 instance.
  2. Tag the AMI image for costing, management, etc.
  3. Copy the AMI image to another region for disaster recovery.