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Create Multiple AMI Images

Today we’re excited to announce a long-awaited addition to Skeddly’s library of actions: Create Multiple AMI Images. An AMI image is a snapshot of an EC2 instance at a moment in time. From that AMI image, you can create one or more new EC2 instances which are copies of the original.

With this single action, you can create AMI images for one or more EC2 instance at the same time.

EC2 instances can be selected based on:

  • Unique EC2 instance ID
  • By EC2 instance “Name” tag
  • By any other EC2 tag
  • Or simply all your EC2 instance

During the AMI creation process, extra tags can be added to the AMI image as well as the EBS snapshots supporting the new AMI image.

Finally, the resulting AMI images can be copied to another region for your disaster-recovery efforts.

This new action should greatly simplify your DR and backup strategies because it gives you the ability to create a single AMI creator that’s dynamic. We’ll be including a blog post shortly on creating an easy AMI creation strategy based on EC2 tags.

The new action is available now. Full pricing information can be found on our pricing page at