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Use Skeddly to Delete Old RDS Snapshots

Skeddly can be a powerful tool in creating scheduled manual snapshots of your RDS instances. It includes an action called “Create RDS Snapshot” which can create a snapshot of an RDS instance on your schedule.

However, by default, all Amazon Web Services accounts can only create 50 manual snapshots. So if you’re creating snapshots on a schedule, then sooner or later, you’ll hit that 50 snapshot limit. Of course, you can contact AWS support to have this limit raised if you really need to keep more than 50 manual snapshots. Keep in mind that you may be paying to store those snapshots.

If you don’t need to keep all of those snapshots, then use the “Delete RDS Snapshots” action built into Skeddly.

This action will delete old snapshots based on criteria such as:

  • RDS instance
  • Snapshot age
  • Preserving a minimum number of the newest snapshots

It’s easy to set up and you won’t have to remember to delete those old snapshots.