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Redshift Actions Added for Snapshots and Clusters

Amazon Redshift is a powerful tool for large-scale data analysis.

Today, we’re happy to announce that Skeddly has added 5 new actions to help you manage your Redshift cluster:

  • Create Redshift Snapshot
  • Delete Redshift Snapshots
  • Restore Redshift Cluster
  • Delete Redshift Clusters
  • Resize Redshift Cluster

These new actions give you tools to manage your Redshift snapshots and clusters. Let’s take a closer look.

Create Redshift Snapshot

This action will create a snapshot of your Redshift cluster. Simply specify the cluster ID and define your schedule.

Delete Redshift Snapshots

This action will delete Redshift snapshots based on snapshot ID match criteria, age while preserving a specified minimum number of snapshots.

Restore Redshift Cluster

This action will create a new Redshift cluster which is restored from an existing Redshift snapshot. You can specify a specific snapshot, or use the most recent snapshot from a specific cluster. The created cluster can also be deleted after a desired amount of time.

Delete Redshift Clusters

This action will delete one or more Redshift clusters. You can use this to terminate your development clusters at the end of each work day.

Resize Redshift Clusters

This action will change node type and increase and/or decrease the number of nodes in your cluster. The cluster can also be reverted to the original size after a desired amount of time.

These new actions are available immediately. Have fun!