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Create Multiple EBS Snapshots

Today we released a new action into the Skeddly repertoire: Create Multiple EBS Snapshots.

This new action combines some of the best features of the “Create EBS Snapshot” action and the “Backup Multiple EC2 Instances” action.

With this action, you can:

  • Create EBS snapshots for all volumes
  • Snapshot a list of specific volumes
  • Snapshot volumes which have a specific EC2 tag value

Using this action can simplify your EBS snapshot strategy: create one “Create Multiple EBS Snapshots” action which will create snapshots for all volumes which have a tag “Backup” with value “Daily”. Once this is in place, as you add volumes to your account, you can simply add the tag and Skeddly will include them in the next set of snapshots. If you remove a volume, there’s no need to update the Skeddly configuration.

Pricing for this new action is similar to the “Backup Multiple EC2 Instances” action.